Looking for a property to invest in your dreams?

Alef shin group will take care of brokering both the property and the mortgage

    Looking for a property to invest in your dreams?

    Alef shin group will take care of brokering both the property and the mortgage

      About us

      Alef Shin Group was founded by Eli Shirak as a certified and independent real estate agent as a small firm
      Hapoel in Ashdod, after years of successful activity and cooperation with a number of real estate agencies
      In Israel and abroad, the company’s development program began to be implemented in all areas of practice.
      Upon successful completion of a number of successful projects in the field of property improvements
      and marketing projects to entrepreneurs, Eli and life partner Ira decided to join forces
      and found AS Group as one family business and become a real estate company for everything,
      which soon began to become dominant and significant in the field of domestic and international real estate.

      Our team of champions

      A wide range of the most prestigious residential projects


      Senior Real Estate Consultant, Head of Local Residential

      Coordination of field tours, customer support, field management in TAMA 38


      Office Manager and Targeted Property Marketing

      Marketing international projects, business partnerships, underwriting


      Russian-speaking client portfolio manager

      Real Estate Marketing Specialist, Bachelor of Laws


      Founder and CEO

      Senior real estate consultant, project developer and mortgage consultant

      Michael Zeltser

      Senior Expert and Deputy General Director

      Specialist lucrative real estate abroad, international hotels and smart investments

      Success to the crossing

      After the success they had in the country, Eli and Ira decided to leverage the success overseas as well. Alef Shin Group has started investing in Cyprus and Turkey and has managed to recover its successes from the country also overseas. Investors understood that this was the case In a company with high capabilities and the company continued its momentum overseas and in Israel at the same time, this allows investors freedom of choice and investment and a variety of quality options.

      Alef Shin Group - Today

      Today, Alef Shin Group continues to instill success in Israel and abroad for investors, and expands at a natural and safe pace investments to other countries overseas While making sure to choose profitable and quality investments. AS Group makes sure to constantly improve the service experience while paying attention to the small details in front of the investor and meeting all customer expectations.


      Satisfied customers


      Successful investments


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      Years of experience